Sugar Cookie Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

iStock-146744447 Sugar is delicious on its own, which is why we have rock candy and cotton candy. For most desserts, however, sugar plays a supportive role for some other flavor- chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Today, however, sugar has the starring role in the simple but delectable treat that is the sugar cookie.

Every good idea had a beginning. Some good ideas are so simple, that it’s amazing they weren’t invented sooner! According to, sugar cookies were invented by German settlers in Nazareth, Pennsylvania in the 1700s, which is why they were originally called Nazareth cookies.

Today, we celebrate the humble sugar cookie today in the middle of summer, but months from now, many of us will be enjoying them again for the winter holidays. Like pizza and pasta, they’re pleasing to almost any palate and perfect even for picky people. It’s no wonder that they’re popular year-round!

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