Summer Safety Tips: Grilling with Kids!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

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With Independence Day right around the corner, a lot of families are going to be breaking our their barbecue grills. It's important to know the risks and how to protect your family and friends.

July is the peak month for grill fires according to the NFPA, so make sure to follow the following safety tips! Position the grill away from all house siding and deck railings. Check to ensure your grill is not positioned under eaves or overhanging trees. Stay away from loose fitting clothing and use grill utensils with longer handles to give additional clearance.

For parent's of young children, it's important to constantly supervise children outdoors while around grills. Add an extra layer of protection by utilizing a 3-foot "kid free zone" around your grill. Make sure to keep all matches, lighters, and lighter fluids out of reach. You can also teach older children to report any loose matches or lighters immediately, if found.

Make sure you clean your grill after every use. Residue and grease that collects over time can cause flare-ups. Always use a non-wire brush when cleaning your grill, as the CDC cautions the shedding of wire bristles can combine with foods.

These might sound like small things, but they can go a long way in keeping your child safe this holiday. Enjoy your day and let's fire up those barbecues!