Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

iStock-9536607321 You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What an odd celebration. These people are running out of ideas.” Not so fast, internet user. Ask yourself this—can you code a website? If not, it only goes to show how under-appreciated webmasters are!

A webmaster, simply put, is a person who maintains a website, which is more easily said than done. A lot of work goes into a good website- it has to be well-organized, have high-quality content, be free of bugs, be reliably hosted, and these days, it’s also a good idea to have it optimized for search engines. The seamless magic you see before you at childcarenetwork.com didn’t appear out of thin air!

Taking a webmaster out to lunch might not be possible, but you can always bring them some lunch or a snack. If you don’t know any webmasters, we hope you at least have a new appreciation for the clever and talented people who work behind the scenes of the websites that make up the World Wide Web!

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