Thanksgiving Table Runner Family Craft

By: Nicole Wheeler

If you're looking for a new Thanksgiving tradition for your family, try this Turkey Table Runner craft! Each year, the kids will place their hand print on the table runner to create "turkeys". This is the perfect way to build fond memories each Thanksgiving. Plus, this adorable fall craft involves everyone in the family, no matter how big or small.


What You Need:

Simple, Light-Colored Table Runner: Target has them for $17.99

Craft Paint

Paint Brush

Washable Markers



What to Do:

1. Lay out the newspaper on a flat surface (preferable outside if you're worried about spills)

2. Lay table runner flat on newspaper

3. With the paint brush, paint one color on one child's hand (make it a thick coat of paint but not dripping)

4. Place painted hand on one edge of the table runner and hold for 5 seconds *If you're not sure where to place the hand print, we recommend in the middle of the table runner (where the center of the table is) so that way everyone can see it!

5. Repeat for each child with a different color

6. Let the handprint(s) dry. Once dry, draw a small turkey face (eye and beak) on the thumb of the handprint. Then draw two little feet at the base of the palm of the print.

7. Don't forget to add the year and the names next to each handprint!

8. Repeat each year!


*This craft was inspired by

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