Thanksgiving- The Kids Table

By: Angelina Petano


The Thanksgiving kids' table is seen by all as the one time of the year where all the cousins can come together to giggle, get a little rowdy, and repeatedly ask, "When is dinner ready?" For the older children it can be seen as a boring arrangement while they dream of the days they can go to the adult table. With just 30 minutes of preparation you can turn the kids' table into a fun and memorable event for all ages.

First line the table with a paper roll and add a box of crayons. Kids can be so creative with something so simple.

tablecloth Photo Credit:


Next make sure to seat all the younger kids together and give each of them a chunk of this yummy smelling Pumpkin Pie Play Dough. Don't worry, it's edible, so even the littlest ones can play with this dough without any panic attacks. Add a few cookie cutters and small toys, then let them mash and shape away.


You will need:


Pumpkin Pie Spice

Directions can be found at Fun At Home With Kids

You can make this 3 ingredient recipe the day before and keep it in a Ziploc bag in your fridge.




Now for the older kids, create an activity bag/box/basket with Ziploc bags filled with the materials needed from the below crafts. The instructions can be found at our Thanksgiving Crafts From the Heart blog post and all of the materials can be bought at your local dollar store.


Thanksgiving craft Turkey goodie bag

Thanksgiving Craft Turkey Hug

Then last, but not least, you can top the table off with this stuffed turkey.Filled with a kid-friendly snack for the children to gobble down, they'll be happy to wait a little longer for dinner.

turkey center peice

All you need is:

-2 small brown paper bags (you should have some leftover from the Turkey Goodie Bag craft)

-1 big brown paper bag (Most Grocery Stores will give you one for free, just ask)

-Plastic bags or wax paper to line the paper bags with if you have buttery popcorn or cooked the popcorn with oil

-Printer Paper



-Hot glue gun

-Extras: A silver platter (dollar tree), fake vegetables, parsley, real fruit, or leftover candy from their crafts.

turkey-tutorial Photo Credit:

The directions can be found at One Charming Party .

Also if your kids' table is a little too big for one turkey make two or a drum stick full of popcorn for each child.


Finally look over your table, smile, and take a picture as this is as nice as it will look after the kids come. ;) For ideas for the adults' table be sure to check out our Turkey Day Tablescapes!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Childcare Network!

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