The 9 Best Thanksgiving Day Hacks

By: Nicole Wheeler

Have you ever thought, "hmmm, there HAS to be ways I can make our Thanksgiving meal easier to prepare, manage, and clean-up?" We thought so too! Here are 9 helpful "Hacks" for Thanksgiving Day!

1. Take out all of the casserole dishes, pans and items that will need to go into the oven at the same time and figure out the side dish puzzle and the level the oven rack should go on before Thanksgiving. Take a pic with your turkeyphone and then reference it that day when things get hectic.

2. Cook the turkey in a bag. It cuts the time down by 1/3. Here's a Recipe

3. Make the mashed potatoes the day before. To reheat, place them in a pot on the stove and add a splash of milk if needed. Then, give them a quick remash if necessary (since they become a little solid in the fridge!).

4. If you're baking - when rolling out dough, putting out pies or cookies, use a plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Store. Use light colors as sometimes darker ones will stain hot food. It makes clean-up easy and your counter crumb-free. When finished, just roll it up and throw it out.

5. Set the table the night before.

6. Give everyone in the house preset jobs so that they know what they are responsible for. Assign someone the responsibility of helping to clean up while you cook - this is a great help all in it's own. Someone to set the table. Another to take care of the bread when things are chaotic right before the big supper. This way you're not doing it all on your own.

7. Have the tupperware or ziploc bags organized and ready to go in the kitchen. Many times guests like to help clean up or take some food home. This will allow you to point them in the right direction.

8. Tape recipes to your cabinets for easy access while you are running around.

9. Make sure the dishwasher and dish rack are empty before dinner (this can be a task for someone to put away everything used to cook the meal). Also make sure to put out one or two clean drying cloths. When it's time to clear the table, this will make things much easier.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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