The Reality of Vaccinations for Kids

By: Nicole Wheeler

Ugh. Time for L to catch up on vaccines. The worst! You can debate whether or not children should be vaccinated, whether they should be vaccinated less or if the vaccination schedule should be changed, etc. The bottom line is that vaccines are a reality for most parents. Since we moved I have been lucky enough to find a pediatrician who will do single vaccines instead of combos and let us stretch the vaccines out so we don't have to do too many at one time. I still TOTALLY dread going...especially with my feisty little L.

The good news is that every nurse/doctor team I have ever seen is super efficient at getting the shots done. Talk to your doctor about whether you can give your child a little Acetaminophen before you come in for the shots to help take the edge off the pain. My experience has been that my children do much better with single vaccines rather than combination vaccines. I would recommend asking your doctor if single vaccines are

Be sure to bring a few of your child's favorite things to help keep them comfortable. I was smart enough to bring an IPad AND Nana with me. It is also important to remember that your child could feel bad for the couple days following the vaccines. Ask your doctor what pain reliever he or she would recommend and get the appropriate dose schedule. Do not schedule vaccines for days before important events. The best thing to do is get through the appointment and plan on having a few relaxing days afterward. A new movie wouldn't hurt if you don't mind a little screen time for your munchkin.

Submitted by Lisa Pokoluk

unnamedLisa Pokoluk is a stay at home mother of two beautiful girls aged 3 and 6-- both with special needs. She believes motherhood is the ultimate adventure and approaches every aspect of parenting with a little comedy and a positive attitude. Lisa is a motivational coach, an online fitness coach and runs free clean eating challenges monthly on Facebook. You can connect with Lisa at Fitness Faster with Lisa Marie on Facebook or


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