6 Things To Do On Mother's Day

By: Symone Grady

Mom might tell you that the greatest gift she could receive for Mother's Day is being loved by her family. But, Mother's Day is the one day of the year to celebrate Mom officially, so let's make sure that this is an enjoyable and memorable occasion for her! If you're having a hard time deciding on what to do for Mother's Day don't fret; we've organized some great ideas for you below. 

Perfect Picnic


Imagine,enjoying a yummy meal under the bright blue sky on a warm sunny afternoon. A family picnic may be just what Mom needs.

 How to Plan the Perfect Mother's Day Picnic

Mother's Day Brunch or Dinner

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Mother’s Day brunches are very popular. Find restaurants in your area that offer a Mother’s Day brunch, and be sure to make reservations well in advance. Another thoughtful option is to take Mom out for a nice dinner in honor of Mother’s Day.

 Tips for a Nice Brunch or Dinner Out on Mothers Day 

Schedule a Day-Trip


Whether it's a beach, hiking area, a nearby city, or an amusement park, Mom will love getting away and enjoying her family. 

 Read More About Planning a Day Trip

Weekend Getaway


A mud bath at a spa, a wine country getaway, camping, hiking, kayaking or visiting the city, taking the weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day can be a relaxing, soothing—even invigorating change of pace.

 Explore Your Options for a Weekend Getaway for Mom

Game Night

Round up the whole family for a night of fun this Mother’s Day. Gather around your favorite board game, pair up on the tennis court or shout out the clues to her favorite crossword puzzle. Either way you slice it, this is sure to be a great time!

 Board Games and Outdoor Fun with Mom 

Crafts for Kids to Make

 Check out our Childcare Network Pinterest page for fun arts and craft ideas your kids can create for Mother's Day!


How will you celebrate Mother's Day? Comment below!


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