Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

By: Angelina Petano

10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids and Families


Halloween is right around the corner which means it is time for the hectic “perfect” costume search. Maybe your child already has his/her eye on a character they want to be, but you have your eye on your budget. Well we may have just the ideas to get you both started in the right direction. These costumes are budget conscience and easy to make. So easy, maybe you will even have time for one yourself!

We zipped through blogs and pinned our little hearts out to find content to present as our top 10 DIY costumes!

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1) Stop! They have my baby!

The cutest one had to be at the top of our list. Make your baby into bundle of cash with a pillow case, sharpie, and felt money. Then you can dress up as the thief. Cutest stash of cash ever!

Kids_Costume_Cash_sack_and_thief Kids_Costume_Cash_and_Robber

Picture from: Domestic Imperfection

2) Bummed Out Baby!

Dress your toddler down for this easy and adorable costume. You can even add a rope to the sign so they won't have to hold it!


From Custest Homemade Costumes

3) Beary Cute!

Who doesn't love a bear and his honey pot? You can even change up the colors of this easy costume to make Pooh Bear or even one of the Care Bears.


From Woman's Day

4) A Little iKid

Does your kid love music? This is the perfect costume for a them! Just a box, poster board, paint, and headphones.


From Lil Sugar

5) Little Kent

Have your child ready to save the day in this cute costume mix. Add the super man sign on a blue shirt with fabric paint and dress him up in his geeky best with a blanket cape !


From Think Geek

6) The Head Turner

Check out this great costume for your older child that will have everyone taking a second look. All that you need to create it is a jacket, lots of grocery bags, an empty clear bucket, gloves, and a goofy headshot of your child!


From Thirty Handmade Days

7) A Real Masterpiece

This costume is artistically simple! Two options: wrap them in a painted cloth and add a hipster hat or dress them in black and add a cardboard easel.

DIY_kids_costume_artistDIY_ kids_costume_artist2

Pictures from The Honest Blog and Southern Living

8) Jelly in my Belly

The easiest costume on our list. You only need a clear trash bag, balloons ,and ribbon.

Grab a sharpie and write nutrition facts or even your own brand of jellybeans.

DIY_kids_costum_ jelly_bean_bag

From alililyblog

9) Little Minions

Turn your kids into your little minions! Add this simple-to-make hat, some overalls and a yellow shirt. You can even add googly eyes under the cardboard eye holes. Get a group of your child's friends together to make a minion army and speak minion to each other.


From Make and Take

10) Mouse in the House

This classic mouse costume, can only get cuter on your child. Add pink shorts and a polka dot shirt for Mini Mouse.

DI_ Micky_Mouse_Costume

From Bead and Cord

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