Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

iStock-4829035351 Music is something we all enjoy, and instruments are what is used in making the music we listen to. You can use many different instruments from all around the world to make music. Today is about celebrating the more rare instruments that exist, it’s Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day!

We have all heard of drums, guitars, and pianos but what about the American fotoplayer or the didgeridoo? The American fotoplayer was designed to play sound effects for silent movies. The didgeridoo is a long wooden cylinder, native to Australia that makes loud trumpeting noises.

To commemorate today, research uncommon instruments and learn more about them. There are endless ways to make music, today is about discovering more about the musical world! Who knows, you may even find an instrument that calls you to play it.

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