Ways to Win Bedtime Battles

By: ChildcareBlog

Use a bell - 30 minutes before bedtime let them hit the bell so they know that bedtime is coming soon. Many times, parents don’t enforce the rules until the issue occurs, but stating the rules before the meltdown happens will clearly show them what is expected of them.

Offer choices - Let them make decisions that are acceptable, like what PJs they want to wear or what music to listen to as they fall asleep. This will give them the illusion that they are in control and they’ll be less likely to fight on other things.

Send them back to bed - If your child comes out after bedtime, make sure to send them back immediately. Continually doing this will teach your child that getting up doesn’t result in extra attention or fun time.

Make sure your spouse is on the same page - Make sure both you and your significant other understand the bedtime plan. If one of you lets your child stay up later than the other, it will cause confusion and the routine will not work.

Consistency, consistency, consistency - Each night you MUST follow through with all of your rules and routines. Once your child knows that you are not giving in they will get used to the routine.

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