Why I Do Not Buy My Kids Costumes

By: Nicole Wheeler

Time for Halloween costumes again. Is this something you love or hate? Pre-mommy hood I remember imagining it would be the most fun thing ever. Turns out that it is often hard to find the exact costume your child wants to wear. For some people the problem is that costumes can be expensive. Other parents try to make costumes with less than spectacular results.

For me the problem is different: My girls are super sensitive to clothing textures and super picky about what they wear. Untitled designEvery year I peruse the costume aisle trying to decide if there is anything that I can even get them to consider. It is funny how friends and even casual acquaintances are more worried about their Halloween costumes than my girls. If I tell someone E and L do not really do Halloween costumes they look at me like I am the worst mother to walk the planet. Most years I end up buying a Halloween shirt and hoping for the best. This weekend while at the dollar store I noticed a few dollar items that could definitely be used as costumes...red cowboy hat, black witch hat and funny goggles. I brought them home and the girls loved playing with them. Problem solved!

While you certainly could add to any of these items and make a spectacular costume, I am going to put a hat on each of their heads and hope for the best.

Submitted by Lisa Pokoluk


unnamedLisa Pokoluk is a stay at home mother of two beautiful girls aged 3 and 6-- both with special needs. She believes motherhood is the ultimate adventure and approaches every aspect of parenting with a little comedy and a positive attitude. Lisa is a motivational coach, an online fitness coach and runs free clean eating challenges monthly on Facebook. You can connect with Lisa at Fitness Faster with Lisa Marie on Facebook or atwww.teamheartandgoals.com

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