Wrapping Up Trucks & Big Machines Curriculum

By: Nicole Wheeler

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Our class has been learning all about how big machines do big jobs and how trucks and machines have different parts. We helped build the children's fine and gross motor skills in fun ways! While experimenting with lots of different materials, we promoted a sense of accomplishment as children learned they could make things happen! A great way to open up a conversation is, "What do you think will happen when..." and let their imaginations run wild!


DSC_0278​After setting out a large piece of butcher paper along a table, add different color paint and different trucks. Allow the children to get paint on the wheels and roll the trucks along the paper. The children really enjoyed seeing how different trucks made different tracks along the paper. This added a great pop of color to our wall for display.


DSC_0296Our area recently had lots of snow/ice and this "Cool Machines" activity was perfect! The children are used to being exposed to water and sand as sensory activities but the snow took it to another level! The children used cars to move through the snow. Some children picked up the snow and some watched it melt into cold water. This was a great hands-on activity. If there is not any snow in your area, you could use crushed ice as a substitute.




Parking cars and trucks was an activity the children enjoyed doing over and over. You can use a poster board or a large piece of construction paper. Draw "parking spots" along the paper and allow the children to move the vehicles into each parking spot. To add a challenge to this activity you could use different size trucks and watch as the children problem solve which trucks fit into certain spots.​


DSC_0322​Get your hard hat out! Find a sign with a hard hat icon on it and talk to children about how this sign is a warning to let workers know that they must wear hard hats to stay safe. If you have pretend or real hard hats, allow the children to practice putting them on. Teach the children that these hats are hard and if something was to fall or break, their head would be safer inside the hat. ​​​


DSC_0337After discussing lots of trucks and machines, the children have been excited to see all of the different kinds of wheels there are. Some are big and some are small. Some have prints on them and some are smooth. Children took several round objects and dipped them into paint. Then they made stamps on their paper that symbolized wheels. Some made patterns and some preferred one size wheel. Some children even used the circle as a paintbrush and smeared the paint across their paper. Let them be as creative with this activity as they choose!​



Turning a tricycle upside down lets children get up close and personal with wheels and pedals. Show children how to push the pedals with their hands to see what happens. What happens if they go backwards? What if they only push one side? This is a great activity to bring out some good back and forth conversations. ​​



teacher_1988Miss Amanda is one of our Twos teachers from school #246 in Clayton, NC. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Paralegal Technology. She is wrapping up her Bachelors Degree in Early Care and Education. Amanda has over 9 years of experience working with children. Knowing that she is helping wire young minds for the future and setting the foundation for learning is her biggest reward. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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